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Practice Areas

Alliance Grice Insurance Broking Group are Fire & General Insurance
Brokers.    Please find below a list of the more common requests but note
we offer a wide range of fire and general services.
Commercial Insurances


Material Damage – Business Assets

Material Damage cover insures your business assets including buildings, plant, stock and chattels against loss or damage caused by accidental events or catastrophes such as fire, floods, earthquakes, lightning and storms.


Business Interruption – Loss Of Profits

If your business operations are interrupted or you are unable to continue working due to damage to your place of business, Business Interruption covers you against loss of income, rents and additional costs such as moving to temporary premises.


Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

This covers you for loss or damage to someone else’s property through acts of negligence.


Employer’s Liability

This covers your legal liability as the employer, for any injuries or illnesses suffered by your employees at work that are not covered by current ACC legislation.


Statutory Liability

This covers your defence costs and any fines or penalties imposed for innocent and unintentional breaches of insured Acts of Parliaments.


Directors & Officers Liability

This covers your personal liability for any wrongful acts committed in your capacity as a director or officer of the company.


Employers Disputes Insurance

This covers compensation and legal costs incurred as a result of defending and settling an employment dispute with an employee.

Motor Vehicle (Business & Private)


There are several options available including Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Full Comprehensive insurance.


Third Party

covers you for damage to another person’s vehicle.


Third Party Fire and Theft

covers you for Third Party and fire and theft damage only to your own vehicle.


Full Comprehensive

covers you for Third Party plus damage and repairs to your own vehicle.


We can also source specialised cover for truck fleets, long haul freight, taxis, couriers, STMS, contracting and farm vehicles including tractors and trailers.

Professional Indemnity

This covers legal costs and damages in the event that a client suffers financial loss as a result of alleged error, neglect or omission on your behalf.


If you are giving advice or signing off on other peoples work (such as a Licensed Building Practitioner) then this insurance is extremely important



Business Travel Insurance

Business Travel insurance covers you and your employees while travelling overseas for business. We can arrange individual, group or annual policies plus include options for holiday travel, pre-existing medical conditions.


Pleasure Travel Insurance

This covers you and your family while travelling overseas. It offers protection against lost baggage, hospitalisation and medical expenses, rental car excess, personal liability and the delay and/or cancellation of your travel if this is due to unforeseen circumstances.



House, Contents & Boat

House Insurance

This cover insures your home against loss or damage caused by accidental events or catastrophes such as fire, floods, earthquakes, lightning and storms.


Contents Insurance

This covers protects your household contents and personal effects from loss or damage.


Pleasure Craft Insurance

This insurance covers your boat against physical damage or loss and can be extended to include jet skis, water skis, jet boats and yachts.

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